Look no further for an example of poor press than the front page story, “”Justice denied,”” heralding a Brunswick author’s book claiming Dennis Dechaine didn’t murder 12-year-old Sarah Cherry 15 years ago (Jan. 26).

Pitiful press, indeed!

Never mind that a jury of 12 found Dechaine guilty in a trial where physical evidence placed him at the scene of the crime; some aspiring would-be author thinks otherwise.

Never mind that plural state and federal court appeals support the conviction; the Sun Journal finds news in the fact a guy writes an over-the-counter book claiming a convicted murderer was railroaded and gives him front page glory. The best that little Sarah got was the obit page! Get a life, please!

And most certainly, Dechaine had able court representation in the person of the renowned Tom Connolly, Maine’s own F. Lee Bailey! Enough said.

And what’s even more shocking is that an Aroostook County Democrat is now looking into the matter. What’s next? A legislative investigation of the judicial branch of government? Ever hear of the constitutional separation of powers of government doctrine?

This Democrat would better serve his constituents by solving our billion-dollar state shortfall!

Since when have we taken to trying our murder cases in the press? Or in books attempting to gain the New York Times bestseller list?

I haven’t mentioned the book title or the author’s name because, unlike the Sun Journal, I don’t support one person’s attempt to substitute himself for a jury of 12 and as being superior to appeals tribunals. The victim and her family are entitled to finality regarding the brutal death of a child who was sexually assaulted and tortured by the hands of a judicially convicted murderer!

She died hard and the family must now relive it.

Mr. Editor, the referenced front page story appeared on a Sunday, surely a day of the week worthy of more positive stuff. And please tell me it isn’t true what they say about “”news.”” Negative is news, positive isn’t.

John W. Benoit, Rangeley

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