Frank Greenwood’s letter comparing George Walker Bush to Adolf Hitler was insulting to all right-thinking Americans and is a prime example of how the anti-war movement is not really about being anti-war, it is about being anti-Bush (Feb. 3).

To the best of my knowledge Bush isn’t planning on launching a blitzkrieg across Europe and killing a few million people based solely on their race. That is what the “sky is falling” left would have people believe. To them, Bush is an imperialist bent on world domination.

George Bush faces the same type of criticism that Ronald Reagan did in his defense buildup that eventually led to the fall of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Empire.

The only hope for a peaceful Middle East is to start with a democratic regime in Iraq and eventual establishment of a Palestinian state. The young people in Iran are already very much Westernized within the confines of their own homes. There is a reason that many of the Islamo-fascist regimes in the Middle East do not want a war with Iraq. A war with Iraq means a democratic regime in that country. Others regimes will fall in succession.

This idea of a “smoking gun” is also preposterous.

As Secretary Rumsfeld and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice put it last week, a gun only smokes after it has been fired. But even then it won’t be enough for the anti-Bush crowd and the Hollywood elites.

Iraq cannot reach us with ICBMs. That is not the issue; it is the dirty bombs and the bio terror attacks that should worry us.

There’s still time for the left. They don’t have to listen to us say “I told you so” when the Iraqi people are dancing in the streets in a month or so. Why don’t they hop on board and come on in for the big win?

That’s a cue for the moral elitists to write a letter calling me a warmonger because “there are no winners in a war.”

Aaron Venskus, Rumford

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