With control of the Maine Legislature, Democrats have a responsibility to all the people of Maine. However, the Feb. 5 edition of the Sun Journal brought news that all 18 Democratic senators voted in favor of a non-binding resolution urging the president not to go to war with Iraq.

The vote appears to be more of a political act, an ill-informed attempt to undermine the president.

This vote came one day before Colin Powell was scheduled to present the case against Saddam Hussein. General Powell made a convincing case, again showing the world Saddam Hussein is a menace to his people, his neighbors, and the rest of the world. Sooner or later he will use his weapons again, only this time he could be killing Americans or our allies.

Apparently, Maine Democrats were in a hurry and couldn’t wait one day to listen, and learn. The bottom line is they really didn’t care what Secretary Powell had to say.

I can only hope our military personnel never get to read about our 18 senators. If they do, I beg their forgiveness.

However, it should be obvious to them the Democrats voting for the resolution knew not what they were doing.

As a veteran who served during the Vietnam War, I find it hard to believe any veteran amongst the 18 senators, if there are any, could vote for a resolution that emboldens Saddam Hussein to continue his deceitful and murderous ways. Losing 3,000 people in the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, plus hundreds of others as the result of attacks in Nigeria, on the USS Cole, and military barracks in Saudi Arabia, should teach us we cannot trust despots like Hussein. He has the weapons and the desire to kill us and our loved ones.

Every day we read of Maine companies closing down, filing for bankruptcy, or people losing jobs. These are tough issues demanding everyone’s best efforts.

One can only hope the majority party in Augusta is not as superficial and politically motivated as their Tuesday vote indicates.

John Turner, Poland

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