With winter strongly upon us, I am continuing to see so many vehicles on the road with snow piled high on the roofs and hoods. Why, why, why aren’t these people clearing the snow off? Do they not know how dangerous it is when the snow and, many times, ice blows off and hits the vehicle behind them and oncoming traffic?

Ice flew off an oncoming van and smashed my windshield one year going over 50 mph. My car was only 2 months old and the lady didn’t even know there was ice or snow on top of her van.

If they can’t see or reach to the top of their minivan, SUV or truck, then maybe they shouldn’t own one.

Sometimes windshields aren’t completely clear.

When are the authorities going to step in and hold these people accountable for driving a safe vehicle?

If they can afford the payments on one of those big vehicles, then they surely can get a snowbrush and stool.

Christine Amaya, Sabattus

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