I just want to congratulate the Lewiston High School competition cheerleading team on their outstanding performance at the state championship competition (Feb. 9). I’m very proud of them for winning the state title. I am, however, disappointed with how the Sun Journal covered them.

I was expecting an awesome picture of them in Sunday’s paper, one showing how thrilled and excited they were to win what they went to Bangor to win. But, instead, when I opened the newspaper up I saw a picture of the St. Dom’s cheerleaders as well as Poland’s cheerleaders, but no Blue Devils.

I would just think that if you were to have the other two teams, then the Devils also should have gotten a picture in there. Seeing how you had just done a story on Deneka and Tiffany Fortier, then that would have given you a bigger reason to put a picture in of the Lewiston team.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way either. But to end on a good note, congratulations to all three teams and I hope to see all three of their pictures with next year’s state championship story.

Ashley Doyon, Lewiston

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