As the proud parents of Army Sgt. Matthew Jabaut, a medical specialist stationed in Kuwait, we respect all the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces. However, even though Colin Powell is a masterful presenter, we oppose the administration’s poorly made case for invading Iraq at this time.

During a 1987 deployment, the USS Stark was struck by two missiles fired by Iraqi aircraft. The fires that resulted claimed 37 lives, and only the heroic action of the crew saved the ship.

Why was this not reason enough to go to war?

Saddam was in charge of Iraq then!

At that time Saddam was a dangerous and brutal dictator, but our government believed that, as a secular ruler, he was to be supported in our efforts to counter Islamic fundamentalism, especially in Iran, so we tolerated him, and even supported his regime financially.

In the years following the Gulf War, during our ineffective and disastrous embargo against the long suffering people of Iraq, thousands of innocent children died. How many more will die in Iraq and throughout the Middle East if Mr. Bush gets his way?

War is an extreme measure that should be used only after all diplomatic means have been exhausted, or in response to aggressive action directed toward our country or our allies.

If terrorism against the United States is to end, we need to be viewed as the world’s leader in establishing political, economic, humanitarian and ecological justice. What Mr. Bush is advancing is a new world order through military power and economic domination.

We respectfully disagree!

Russell and Barbara Jabaut,


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