The recent letter, “”Just questions,”” had me puzzled until I reached the end and saw the author’s name (Feb. 5).

I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to bash Clayton Putnam. He is a selectman from LivermoreFalls who has brought honesty and openness to the board. His candor at meetings, coupled with his insight, has finally turned this town’s board away from the “”rubber stamp”” attitude of past years.

The former town manager (and author of the letter), Maxine Bailey, should probably take a look at her own past record of running the town. Is it possible her past management was part of the cause this town is in such a mess today?

One example is the chip plant negotiated by her when first proposed. This became a tax nightmare for which we paid dearly, to the tune of $1.06 million in payback. The rubber stamp board we had back then also had a hand in this fiasco.

Clayton Putnam has been a refreshing change on this board and just maybe Selectman Demaray (who also has been fair and honest) sat quiet because he knew from whence the criticism came and chose not to give Ms. Bailey’s questions credibility.

Kevin P. Morrissey, Livermore Falls

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