How is a person of conscience to feel about violence? About war? It is morally wrong to kill, but it is morally wrong to allow brutality and murder.

What is a person to do when a neighbor beats his wife and children? Do we ignore their bruises and mind our own business?

He has weapons and friends to help him use those weapons. He breaks his neighbor’s house. Shooting the man and stealing everything movable. He is arrested and paroled. He promises, “”I won’t do I again, and I’ll give you all of my guns.””

After many court orders and inspections to show he has given up his guns, he is ignored by the court. And then he kicks out the social workers trying to help his family and to remove the weapons.

Then, one person stands up and says, “”Enough! Stop him! If you don’t, I will.””

“”It is not your place to charge this man”” some people shout at the whistleblower, “”You don’t speak for me!”” they cry. “”If you go after him, he and his friends will come after you and us!””

These objections are the moral high ground?

We are now faced, after over 12 years of living with Saddam Hussein’s contempt of the United Nations, brutal crimes against humanity and giving aid and comfort to terrorists, with removing this man forcibly. He will not come out on his own. He has been offered that.

We are our brother’s keeper for better or for worse.

We must and will return the resources and land afterward to their rightful owners: the Iraqi people. We must stop any potential looters. We must take care of the people until they can stand on their own. We must ensure that these people can wisely use their God-given gifts freely.

It is time to chose.

Who is for the continued rule of this brutal man?

Who is for his arrest, prosecution for human rights violations and the hope of freedom for the Iraqi people?

Lawrence E. Dwight Jr., Wilton

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