Given the situation with Iraq, and much of the world’s reaction to us, I think President Bush ought to say something to the world like this: “”OK, fine. We’re outta here. You handle it. Especially you people in France, Russia, China and Belgium. We are going to bring all our boys and girls back home safe. From the Mid-East, Korea and anyplace else. We are going to use only a fraction of the money saved to make our borders rock solid.

“Terrorists trying to enter the U.S. risk execution on the spot. You are hereby warned. We will build the anti-missile missile and perfect it. Our armed services will be used for homeland defense only, and ya’ll can do as you wish with Saddam and Osama. We have plenty of food (do you?) and can last a long time here! Oh, and you can forget about receiving any more help from Uncle Sam with anything.””

It’s time we came home. Makes complete sense to me. You?

Jared Bristol, Hebron

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