I’m proud to have a president willing to defend us. Clinton chased women and raised taxes but didn’t do anything after the embassy bombings, or after the Cole bombing or even after the knowledge of al-Qaida intelligence reports.

The horror of Sept. 11 was the result of doing nothing.

I note the liberal press coverage of the so-called peace marchers, but all they are doing is professing false peace. It does sound nice, but is pure folly in my estimation.

The gutless French, the Hollywood left, the Communist Party which organized many of these marches, sure did help Saddam’s cause.

I do believe there are many like myself, however, who think the president’s efforts to seek out these murdering thugs and keep them from getting nerve gas, anthrax or worse, is exactly what President Bush should be doing.

France has an agenda. The French are also cowards, backstabbers and ready to surrender at every turn. I hope the president ignores them as well as the useless United Nations.

We have the approval to get rid of Iraq’s lunatic by 16 out of 19 NATO members; sounds good enough but, in the blind world of political correctness, we ought have all 19. When hell freezes over will everyone agree, and I believe that’s why the left calls for more resolutions — 16 of them in 12 years with no enforcement would benefit their do-nothing agenda.

I know it would be wonderful to live in peace in a perfect world, but that is not so. If we want peace and freedom we had better be ready to defend these gifts like so many before us have done!

We are at war, we were attacked, and if we need to get rid of Saddam to keep him from giving his mass murdering capabilities to terrorists around the globe, let’s do so and not kid ourselves that doing nothing will bring peace.

I am proud of the president for his love of God, country, his wife and for the courage he needs to protect us, even while being vilified at every turn.

Brenda E. Bussiere, Turner

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