I can’t believe all these people protesting the war on the regime of Iraq. It’s a war with the leaders and not the people.

How can people protest stopping a man who kills thousands of people with chemical weapons, or takes babies out of hospitals and uses them for testing? Or starving people by controlling their food?

How about when he took a boy and held him upside down and then broke his foot trying to get a confession from the father? What about Kuwait?

What if he were here in the United States and doing this? Would people still protest?

Some protest just for the thrill. Some want to impeach the president, but the man is just doing his job. Wasn’t Sept. 11 enough to wake people up?

We can go after bin Laden but not Saddam because he hasn’t done anything to the United States yet? Wait for him to hit us with a chemical weapon.

People in this country have such an easy life — cars, electricity, medicine and food. We often don’t think about people out there who would love to have the scraps we throw out.

We need to stand up and support our people who are trying to make the world a better place to live. People need to show their pride and respect, and show that we have unity and are not divided.

I don’t like to see people getting killed, but I can’t stand to see children being killed either.

David Harris Sr., Danville

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