This letter is in response to a letter by William Roy regarding logging trucks which “….appear to be in various states of disrepair…” (March 22).

My husband owns and operates his own logging truck. This past year he spent approximately $900 to register the truck, over $5,000 for insurance, over $28,000 in parts and maintenance and another $13,000 in fuel to run this truck for 10 months out of the year.

My husband works long hours daily and spends his weekends doing routine maintenance on this truck.

Weekly, my husband complains of people who wait until the last second to pull out in front of him, only to go 10 feet down the road and turn left. He has to all he can do to avoid going over the top of these people.

People seem to have the misconception that more tires equal more brakes, and therefore those big trucks can stop faster. Even when empty, it is difficult to stop a truck that weighs 33,000 pounds versus a vehicle that weighs 4,000.

My husband’s business is his truck and the highways are his office. If you think you have a stressful job, try a truck driver’s job on for size.

It takes someone special to be a truck driver,and if you don’t believe it, I challenge anyone to spend the day in the life of a truck driver.

Rebecca Burhoe, Canton

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