Natalie Bornstein asked “How many Iraqi children must die to ensure the freedom of their peers?”, (April 7).

The real question is: How many more children would die if we did not fight this war?

You see, there is a monster in Iraq. He killed thousands of children and their moms and dads. He allowed his son to rape and torture hundreds of little girls. These children were afraid all the time.

I would ask Natalie if she could think of a time when she was really scared. Can she imagine feeling like that every moment of her life? Can she imagine living with a monster?

Well, the children in Iraq know what it’s like.

This monster lived in a beautiful palace while all the children were starving and living in hovels with no running water. And, if anyone complained, he had them killed.

Someone had to stop him. Someone had to save those children from that monster.

Our brave soldiers did just that.

That monster will never hurt them again. Now those children will live in a free country. They will have good food to eat. They will go to school and play and laugh and live a life without fear.

Our brave soldiers gave them that freedom.

We can be proud of our country.

Jenny Sinclair, Sabattus

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