By Chris McInnis
Poland Regional High School

In case you have been hanging out under a rock for the past few months, a lot has happened at P.R.H.S. Like: Winter Carnival, the students from Costa Rica, a 72-year-old veteran graduate in the class of 2003, and the second Lord of the Rings movie came out. (Go see it!) But I am not here to tell you about those. Uh uh! I am here to tell you that there is a snake in the building.

That’s right a snake now lives in the P.R.H.S. building. But, you don’t have to watch where you step; it is safe in a terrarium in the JSIT (Junior Senior Independent Team) room.

Ms. Garcia, a JSIT teacher, acquired the snake for her science students. She chose a snake because it is easy to take care of.

And now for the star of the show, the snake: Monty. Monty is a California King Snake. Monty is a small snake, but will get bigger. There is some controversy as to whether Monty’s stripes are black and white or black and yellow. California King Snakes can have other colorizations, and Monty’s is just one of them. Monty is not a poisonous snake, but instead uses constriction to immobilize his prey.

Ms. Garcia explained that Monty is fed dead baby mice about once a week. She informed me that Monty’s species could go for as long as six weeks without eating. Monty will remain here at P.R.H.S. as long as Ms. Garcia is here at P.R.H.S. but please don’t go there and ask if you can see him and hold him. The JSIT room is crowded enough. So, be ssseeing you.

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