Rep. Sonya Samson of District 74 and Councilor Belinda Gerry of Ward 5 have earned my respect representing working people’s best interests.

Sampson submitted a consumer protection bill to cap credit card interest rates at 18 percent. It would have prevented 24 percent rates being charged if a consumer was late on two payments.

Presently, once the higher rate is applied it will stay locked in, even after payment is returned to a normal schedule.

A laid-off worker can very easily get behind in payments until another job is found. Credit card companies also can review non-related late payments, such as electric or telephone companies, and apply the higher rate of interest even if the card payments are up to date.

The bill was killed in committee by heavy lobby efforts by credit card companies.

Rep. Samson is now drafting a letter that will be signed by many of the committee members to urge federal restriction of the higher rate.

Belinda Gerry has been actively involved with laid off workers as well.

She is supporting the nonpartisan “Twin Cities for One Maine” fundraiser. This will be a supper for the benefit of unemployed mill workers at Great Northern Paper Company in Millinockett.

She approached Mayor Guay and secured the Hasting Community Center with a wavier of the rental and insurance fees. Gov. Baldacci will serve one of his famous pasta meals.

These two elected leaders are working hard to make things better for Maine citizens.

David E. Adams, Auburn

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