I write this letter to express my disappointment in the people of France who have forgotten or are unconcerned about their French history.

I am called Mr. Trefflé Jacques Lessard and I am a 71-year-old gentleman from the United States of America. The state of Maine is my birthplace and residency.

For those of you who are not geographically aware, Maine borders the province of Québec, Canada, and has a Franco-American population of more than 40 percent, most of whose heritage reverts to Normandy and Britany.

My ancestor is tienne deLessart who was born in Normandy in 1623. One does not know his origin except that of the name of his parents, Jacques (James) and Marie Herson, and that of the village where he grew, Chambois. At the age of 22, tienne sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to New France, now called Québec, where he settled.

I am disturbed by the stories told by Americans who journey to France, and how badly they are treated there just because they are American, and by the refusal of the French government to support the United States in these difficult times.

Trefflé J. Lessard, Winslow

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