As a member of the Jay Budget Committee and a taxpayer, I have been attending a lot of meetings to improve the way we vote in the town of Jay.

Meeting after meeting we discussed how to simplify the budget format. I do not like the budget format that is before us.

Yes, the budget committee and taxpayers voted to adopt the new format. We were told it would cut down on the number of articles to vote on and be easier to understand. But is it easier to understand?

I am having a hard time reading an article that has a big figure without knowing what we are voting on.

Yes, the state does require us to list certain articles in our warrant, but why were the words “instruction, special services, administration and transportation” left out of the school budget? Last year we were able to vote on these articles separately.

The first week of March I went to the school office to again ask them to send information to the taxpayers about the budget. Just explanations.

A newsletter was recently sent out with the same wording as the town report, but no new information. Why?

We are not getting the information to the voters that is needed before voting April 22.

Albert Landry, Jay

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