Liability suits are to make manufacturers liable for faulty products, not to make them liable for the criminal actions of someone who uses a product that is not faulty.

In the past few years the gun control activists have failed to push their agenda through the United States Congress. A new attempt at gun control is now being used by using the actions of criminals to justify liability suits against gun manufacturers, gun dealers and even owners who had firearms stolen from them. The intent is well stated.

If the gun control activists can not succeed in using the government to get rid of firearms, they will use the courts by filing so many lawsuits against gun manufacturers that it will be impossible to continue manufacturing firearms due to the cost of defending the suits. This is gun control by running manufacturers out of business.

S. 659 and H.R. 1036 protect the firearms industry against the attack of lawsuits that are designed to bankrupt the industry and put it out of business, therefore imposing gun control in the United States. This is pure abuse of the civil court system that is designed to protect us from faulty products, not designed for a group to impose its views on us by force.

These laws are needed to protect manufacturers. Make the criminal pay for his or her crime, not the industry.

Danny White, Sumner

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