This is in response to Bruce Wotton’s letter regarding the Maine smoking laws (April 12).

“If I’m going out to eat I enjoy a cigarette after I eat,” he said.

Well, I do not enjoy being ill after being enveloped by smoke that causes migraines for me, nor do people with asthma, tiny babies or the elderly who have to carry their oxygen tanks.

Furthermore, children living in homes with smokers suffer more ear infections, asthma and pneumonia.

Having a choice of smoking or non-smoking sections was not better for non-smokers because smoke carried all throughout the restaurant, nor was it better for restaurant workers.

Walking past a gauntlet of smokers just outside the door is all it takes to start a migraine. Yes, that is all it takes!

Imagine how it would be to suddenly have difficulty breathing in the case of asthma, or having to stay in the dark to take medicine to relieve a migraine.

Please reconsider the usefulness of the laws that protect everyone’s lungs.

Furthermore, what about the cigarette butts on the ground? Look down at the ground outside every establishment and see the disgusting mess.

I pick up thousands of cigarette butts at our town beach every year because I know that it takes years for a poisonous cigarette to disintegrate.

We are all keepers of this world and need to consider others as we go about our daily lives.

Arlene Nason, Hartford

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