PARIS – Firefighters corralled a burn on land just off Paris Hill on Monday afternoon before gusting winds could fan it into a thicker, forested area.

Crews from the Paris and Norway fire departments answered the call at 60 Ellingwood Road, the home of Frank Landers and B&F Auto Sales.

Paris Fire Chief Brad Frost said the fire appeared to start about 30 feet from the north edge of the house and was fanned across the front of the house and toward the road.

“It was right on the edge of the road when I got there. Embers were going on the other side,” said Frost. “We got a line around it first and knocked it down so it wouldn’t cross the road.”

Frost said Landers did not have a permit for the burn and could be held financially responsible for the cost of fighting the fire.

“Even on a permitted burn, the landowner is liable,” Frost said.

Paris firefighters answered the call with a pumper, tanker and forestry truck. Norway sent a pumper and tank truck.

A crew of about a dozen firefighters used hoes to locate hot spots and douse them. Frost estimated the job would take crews from two to three hours to get the fire completely out.

“I don’t want to have to come back here again,” Frost said.

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