Transit officials hope the public will help pick spot for downtown turnpike connector for Lewiston-Auburn.

AUBURN – A new Lewiston-Auburn exit off of the Maine Turnpike could be built almost anywhere between exits 12 and 13, but transportation officials are hoping to focus on one spot soon.

The Androscoggin Transportation Resource Center will host a second public meeting to discuss the future of new turnpike exit at 7 p.m. Wednesday at 125 Manley Road, Auburn.

Director Don Craig said the effort so far has focused on three sites: along Route 136 in Auburn, along River Road in Lewiston and off Auburn’s Main Street.

“But basically, it could go anywhere between exits 12 and 13 at this point,” Craig said. “We’ve focused on three, but there are other connections that could be made. We want people to show up Wednesday and talk about it. We want to know why they like one idea, or give us a reason why they shouldn’t see more traffic on a certain road.”

A new computer model designed to predict traffic flows for the area in 2025 is almost ready, Craig said. That model should show how congested the downtown will get and how adding a new exit off of the turnpike would change traffic patterns.

The ATRC will use the model to evaluate different locations for the new exit.

“The one fact is that traffic is going to grow in that area,” Craig said. “We know that, and we know that it’s going to cause problems. So we are evaluating any scenario we can to see which is best.”

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