It’s a Felix the Cat clock moment in fashion. A boomerang Formica, bouffant moment.

It’s parasol daiquiris at the Copa. Smoke gets in your eyes. Loopy monograms on the band’s powder-blue tuxedo jackets. Floaty chiffon cocktail dresses, polka dot wedge shoes and glamour-puss sunglasses. Yep, it’s a fashionable ’50s moment – a spring moment that will shape your wardrobe.

What? You don’t aspire to be the postmodern incarnation of Doris Day or Sandra Dee. Not even Julianne Moore in “Far From Heaven”?

Well all righty, then it’s a Marcia Brady moment. A micro-mini, skinny-striped and skintight, pale-lipped, flash and sass and haute-hippie superficial rebellion Seventies-redux moment.

Or an urban, architectural moment. A tea-and-crumpets moment. A sport utility moment. A country club prepster moment.

We live in uncertain times.

So pick an era and live a little.

Fashion nostalgia can be easily overdone. But handled well it’s a springtime delight. Turn a modern eye on the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s and ’70s with retro dance dresses, tea dresses and lingerie embellished with ruffles, lace and ribbons, dropped waists, swirling skirts and asymmetric hemlines.

On the other hand, we have clean graphic classics for the workplace, and youthful casual wear that takes inspiration from the world of sports.

Zig and zag

Return to those carefree clothes of the counterculture. Rock-on again with Marcia Brady, Gloria Bunker Stivic, Grace Slick and Janis Joplin.

Up and down or round and round, ’70s-style linear thinking is the mod-mod message for spring.

Once the province of sailors at sea, country club awnings and seersucker suits, stripes are towing the line and taming the wildest color combos this spring. So join the revolution, celebrate your inner rocker and tow the line.

Classy cargo

The sloppy, saggy sometimes baggy, over-pocketed cargo look takes on a sleek line this season. Still a great choice for the casual moments, you’ll find the pants have been been luxed up with sexy silks and satins. Dress them up with high, high heels. Pare them down with a classic T and a confident strut.

Going dotty

Spotted around town: plenty of polka dots. They’re popping up in the darnedest places: on cute little clutch bags and retro-chic cocktail dresses, on chiffon scarves that float at the neck and strappy sandals that play footsie all night.

Maximum mini

Miniskirts raise more than just hemlines – they invariably raise a ruckus.

Designers are embellishing them with pleats, poufs, embroidery, fringe and flounces.

Adding frills to thrills with shredded hems, hardware, belts and the highest hemlines since Twiggy stepped in front of a camera in a Courreges skirt that started at her hipbone and ended 2 inches later.

Casual cool

There’s something about linen – simple, graceful linen pants – that make any shirt a perfect fit for spring and summer. Take the classic pants and spice them up with a retro mod pattern, stripes or a classic tank.

Buttoned down

Remember the two-button suit? It’s back. It’s dressier than the three-button and shows more shirt and tie. Some designers are even going to the one-button. Stronger shoulder, contoured waist suppression softened by fabrics of silk & wool blend, wool/mohair, superfine stretch wool. It marks the return to inside construction.

Other predictions – If suits are back, so are dress shirts, with more patterning and fabric interest. Richly patterned Italian silk ties are the finishing touch.

Go with it

Every outfit needs the perfect touches. Whether clunky and bold or classic and chic, a purse or necklace can turn drab to fab. From sexy sandals that make a mini-mini shorter to the classic straw handbag updated with shell clasp, this season there are plenty of perfect accents. From shades that stop the sun and reflect the cool to denim with subtle patched patterns, never forget to accentuate.

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