AUBURN – Lewiston Paint League: Day-Eddy, 33.5; Begin-Buchanan, 32.5; Roy-Kelly, 32; Goodwin-Stone, 31; Blais-Gagnier, 31; Hopkins-Cote, 29.5; Paquette-Gilbert, 28.5; Butler-Rioux, 28; Costello-McDonough, 28; Knoll-Haggerty, 28; Rodrigue-Houlihan, 27.5; Therriault-St. Pierre, 26.5; Theberge-Levesque, 26; Morin-Bolduc, 26; St. Pierre-Dufour, 20.5; Tiner-Brissette, 20; Geiger-Nadeau, 20; Doyon-Vachon, 18.5.

SMWGA tourneys

NAPLES – Following are results from the Southern Maine Women’s Golf Association Division tourneys held May 13:

WILLOWDALE; A DIVISION: gross, Bernice Vadnais, 75; Ann Deming, 85; Julia Pozzy, 85; net, Kim Rovzar, 82-69; Judy Curran, 86-73. A-2 DIVISION: gross, Kathy Crawford, 84; Kate Boyle, 87; Polly Butler, 92; net, Sue Burnell, 88-71; Andrea Littlefield, 90-76; Louise Trask, 95-77. A-3 DIVISION: gross, Carol Stratos, 92; Pat Dubrule, 92; Jean Farrell, 94; Suzanne Meserve, 97; Marie Jordan, 97; net, Leslie Fissmer, 95-72; Brenda Joy, 95-73; Gerri Albert, 95-74; Dodie Jones, 97-74. Best Ball: gross, Bernice Vadnais-Gerri Albert, 75; Brenda Joy-Kate Boyle, 80-61. Pins: #5, Andrea Littlefield, 11’8″; Janet Brawn, 16’9″; #15, Carol Stratos, 3′; Jean Farrell, 20’10”.

NAPLES: B-1 DIVISION: gross, Carol Gundstrom, 98, Marty Kitchen, 98; Gina Ripley, 103; Marge Darling, 104; net, Martha Pennell, 102-74; Deb Diluiso, 103-74; Esther Atwood, 104-76; Maryann Usher, 105-76. B-2 DIVISION: gross, Debora Manzi, 104; Pat Verry, 105; net, Jane Holtby, 106-73; Barbara Norton, 107-74. Best Ball: gross, Carol Gundstrom-MJ Taylor, 91; Gina Ripley-Sheila Malia, 95; net, Theresa Kelley-Joyce Tome, 97-64; Barbara Norton-Pat Carlista, 100-67. Pins: #9, Pat Verry, 9’9″; #11, Maryann Usher, 13’4″; #16, Gina Ripley, 22’8″.

The Meadows

LITCHFIELD – The Monday Morning Men’s League tees off at 8 a.m. every Monday. New golfers are welcome.

The Meadows Tuesday Night Twilight League will start May 20. Tee-off starts at 3:30.

The Meadows Women’s League competes each Wednesday night, starting between 5-5:30 p.m. New members are welcome.

The Thursday Night Couples League begins today between 5-5:30 p.m. Call 268-3000 to set up the matches.

MSGA starters

GRAY – Following are starting times for the Maine State Golf Association Club Team Championship set for May 18 at Spring Meadows:

7:03 a.m., James Wescott, Charles Tartre, Stephen Jensen, Andrew Bowden; 7:12, Keith Patterson, Scott Dewitt, Jeff Dutil, Steve Bouthot; 7:21, Lance Browne, Steve Berry, Dale Bragg, Gard Briggs; 7:30, Mark Plummer, Tom Bean, Jason Gall, Jim Quinn; 7:39, Robbie Lee, Eric Hayward, Rich Greenwood, Jim McKay; 7:48, Paul Pelletier, Mike Tiner, John Turner, Ernie Ashton.

7:57, Wayne Johnson, Andy York, Dan McCaron, Todd Nevins; 8:06, Ron Stephan, Gary Manoogian, Kevin Mahoney, George Hogan; 8:15, Keith Lefebvre, Mike O’Brien, Jim Matteau, Gary Hebert; 8:24, Pat Keeley, David Kroll, Don Holden, Tim Flaherty; 8:33, Charlie Morse, Phil Morse, Topper West, Clif Forbes; 8:42, Brian Greenwood, James Elowitch, John Hammontree, Dave Elowitch; 8:51, Nathan Nealey, Justin Ball, Shawn Warren, Joe Manganaro; 9:00, Scott Johnson, Ted Bonville, Ron Murray, Dave DeSmith; 9:09, Ricky Jones, Jeff Wass, Skip Heald, Randy Hooper; 9:18, Scott Weymouth, Cash Wiseman, David Luce, Robert Tracy; 9:27, Scotte Flannery, Bob Gray, Greg Palmer, Jr., Greg Palmer, Sr.; 9:36, Donald Flanagan, Jay Novella, Curt Jordan, TBA-1.

9:45, Joe Lepley, Ed Manganello, Mike Deluca, Andrew Varnvakias; 9:54, Tony Polito, Brian Gilbert, Gary Lapierre, Mark O’Brion; 10:03, Micky Davis, Robert Girvan II, Tony Reynolds, Dana Worster; 10:12, Greg Black, Joe McCluskey, Jerry Glidden, Michael Norris; 10:21, Mike Knox, Randy Berry, Charles Pray, Terry Whitney; 10:30, Tom Varney, Mike Mogan, Michael Kane, Eric Wales.

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