I read Steve Dostie’s column about animals in the May 4 paper and found it interesting. I do wonder if he dislocated his shoulder while patting himself on the back, however.

To quote, “unscrupulous people who respond (to Uncle Henry’s ads) don’t have the animal’s best interest in mind; some pets are being sold to labs.” All you unscrupulous people should stop responding to Uncle Henry’s.

Today I bought the latest edition of the magazine, as usual, and in the section of “Free for the taking” I found five dogs, about 50 cats, and two old goats listed. He mentioned “animals” so I infer that he means animals. I presume that Dostie jumped into his van and gathered up all of those animals before the “unscrupulous” folks got a chance at them. After all, they were free; he likely could make a good profit in adopting them out.

If I remember correctly, a couple of years ago there was an item in the paper that his shelter was putting animals down at a rate of two a day.

Marsha McKenna screens potential adopters and everything else the Auburn shelter does, but usually only in her area of concern. She does not butt into another area. Maybe that’s a way to drum up business?

McKennels Animal Adoption Agency has a great group of volunteers to lean on when in need.

I am glad to say I am one of them.

Marshall Longway, Dixfield

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