Team 73 at Lewiston Middle School, has been involved in a project on diversity, since winter. The Diversity projects have involved activities where students worked together as a team to stop discrimination. As the project continued. Team 73’5 English teachers, Mrs. Dulac and Mrs. Scribner, involved their classes in reading books that concern diversity and discrimination.

The books that the students have been reading as a class are Chemowitz by Fran Arrick, The Acorn People by Ron Jones. The Friendship by Mildred Taylor and Speed of Light by Sybil Rosen. After reading these books, the students either took a test, or did a project on the book.

In Ms. Poulin’s math class the students made slide shows concerning diversity on their laptops. They used the website as a resource for their projects. The students did the project in groups, and were graded on their presentation. The slide show presentations varied from videos to pictures and information. While the students worked on their laptops, they also learned more about getting information and how to use “Apple Works Presentation.”

Members of Team 73 also participated in the Maine State Parade. They walked in the parade wearing their diversity tee shirts. The shirts were designed by a member of Team 73, Heidi Smart.

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