Dear Sun Spots: I would like to know if someone would have the quilt pattern of bow tie, the latest way. – L. Fortin, Lewiston.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots has learned that according to, the Bow Tie Block has been a favorite of quilters for centuries. This block can be pieced with a quick method that employs no set-in seams or twisting and turning to get that knot tied just right. The following directions can be applied to any size block. Adjust the measurements according to the easy formula below. Let’s suppose that the Bow Tie Block finishes to 6 inches. If you check out the Web site, you’ll see several diagrams to assist you.

According to Diagram 1, the block is composed of four equal-sized squares. These squares are cut to 3½ inches. You need two dark 3½-inch squares (fabric for the tie) and two light 3½- inch squares of background material. In addition, cut two 2-inch squares of the dark/tie fabric. Finger crease a line along one diagonal of the 2-inch squares. Place the 2-inch square in one corner of the light background 3½-inch square, right sides together. Sew along the creased line of the dark 2-inch square (Diagram 2). Cut away fabric ¼ inch away from the sewn line (Diagram 3) and discard the small waste triangles (Or better yet, sew these with a ¼-inch seam and create small half-square triangles for another project!) Press the dark triangle outward (Diagram 4). Repeat for another 3½-inch light and 2-inch dark squares. Align the two dark/light 3½-inch squares with the two dark 3½-inch squares as pictured. Sew with ¼-inch seams. Press. Here is your quick Bow Tie Block!

What’s the formula, you may ask. This method works for any sized block. Since each block uses four equal-sized squares, that is our reference point. Figure the finished size of each of the squares in the Bow Tie Block. Add ½ inch to each and cut. For the smaller squares which form the knot: the finished size of the square divided by 2, plus ½ inch.

• Finished size = 4 inch. Cut four 2½-inch squares (2 light, 2 dark). Cut two 1½-inch squares dark.

• Finished size = 5 inch. Cut four 3-inch squares (2 light, 2 dark). Cut two 1¾-inch squares dark.

• Finished size = 6 inch. Cut four 3½-inch squares (2 light, 2 dark). Cut two 2-inch squares dark.

• Finished size = 7 inch. Cut four 4-inch squares (2 light, 2 dark). Cut two 2¼-inch squares dark.

Dear Sun Spots: The Burnt Meadow Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, is holding a reunion/tea this summer to honor past years’ and this year’s good citizens and recipients of National Defense Medals. These persons were selected from Oak Hill, Lisbon and Buckfield students. The chapter wishes to contact these people to invite them to this event. Please contact Corley Ann Byras at (207) 666-3922. – Jayne Bickford, Lisbon Falls.

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