The permit renewal needed to go before the planning board.

HARTFORD – Kevin Ryan asked selectmen last week to have his junkyard permit renewed and was told he needs to go to the Planning Board.

According to a letter from Code Enforcement Officer Kay Hawkins, Ryan needed to move tires, empty fluids from two cars, put up fencing, prepare a new area for storing fluids and have batteries properly stored. She agreed that Ryan was in compliance, but he needed to reapply for the permit to the Planning Board.

Ryan said that is not what she had told him.

Theriault apologized for the misunderstanding and explained that the process started with the Planning Board and needs to be completed with them.

Selectman Scott Swain told Ryan that now that all five conditions have been met he should go back to the Planning Board and request his permit.

Newly elected Selectman Lee Holman asked why she wasn’t sworn in at the annual town meeting.

Outgoing Selectman Dave Bowen explained that the fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30 and that selectmen’s terms run the same cycle.

Swain, reading from the Maine Municipal Association manual, said, “Terms run until the annual town meeting.

Theriault said Holman would be sworn in at the first selectmen’s meeting in July.

Selectmen discussed the sale and purchase agreement of land on Gurney Hill Road from Alan McNeil in February 2003. As part of the agreement McNeil was to have planted a row of evergreens by May 31.

According to Theriault, the trees have not been planted, and he will bring this matter to McNeil’s attention. The land was purchased as a site for the sand and salt pile and is the future home of the salt shed.

Residents John and Debbie Barker asked why the town bought land when they had offered to donate a portion of their land on old Route 140.

Theriault asked if selectmen had been made aware of the offer.

Debbie Barker said she told Dave Kraske, who is updating property valuation cards.

Monica Mailly was appointed town clerk, tax collector and assistant to selectmen for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

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