• Lipstick first appeared 5,000 years ago, in the city of Ur, near Babylon.

• The first mechanical lipstick was manufactured in 1920.

• Lipstick is the most popular cosmetic item.

• The average Western woman uses four to nine pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.

• About 75 percent to 85 percent of American women wear lipstick.

• According to a 2001 article in the Detroit Free Press, Americans spend more than $3.4 billion a year on lipstick and lipstick products.

• Lipstick is made by combining castor oil with powdered pigments, adding melted wax and pouring the mixture into molds.

Lip tips

• Lipstick is a good sunscreen, and can reduce incidence of malignant lip lesions.

• A good way to make your lipstick last: Put foundation on your lips, then powder, then lip pencil or liner. Fill in with lipstick, blot, and reapply.

• Another way: Use lip liner first as a base.

• If you buy a too-bright lipstick by accident, use a lip pencil a few shades darker underneath it. A darker lip gloss on top also helps.

• Try using lip brushes: They help you use less lipstick and soften the line of your lip liner.

• If you have a bright red lipstick you never wear, try using a lipstick brush to mix it with browner and pinker shades – you can invent your own colors.

Mouth mistakes

• Choosing the wrong color for your skin type.

“Too-neutral lipsticks make dark skin look washed out; too much color on fair skin is overpowering,” said Angie Mills of Estee Lauder at Richland Mall in Columbia, S.C.

• Doing too much at once.

Mills said that it’s a good idea to play up either lips or eyes – not both at the same time.

• Wearing too harsh a contrast between liner and lipstick (read: red liner and pink lipstick without sufficient blending).

• Using the same color for too long.

Navigating lip lingo

• Gloss: Minimal, sheer coverage. Very high shine.

• Lipstick: Medium coverage, medium shine. Creamy in texture; gives lips a soft look.

• Lip pencil: Used to define and extend the lip shape. Lengthens lipstick life, corrects color and adds – definition to a glossed look.

• Lip stain: Minimal coverage, but temporarily stains the lip and so is long lasting. Water resistant.

• Matte: The opposite of a glossy look. Dry in texture and sometimes contains clay, which seals in moisture.

• “Long lasting”: Durable but generally dries the lips. Can stand up to casual eating and drinking.

What’s on famous lips

Niki Taylor: Cover Girl Continuous Color Lipstick in Toasted Almond and Natural Frost

Halle Berry: Revlon Girlie Moisturestay Lipcolor

Winona Ryder: Bobbi Brown Plum Stain, poppy Anger; Bobbi Brown Natural lip pencil’ Chantecaille Fig lipstick; Frederick Fekkai lipsticks; MAC Viva Glam lipstick

Courteney Cox Arquette: MAC Spice lip liner, Senna Eau de Nil lipstick, LORAC Pout lipstick

Jodie Foster: Stila Jane Lipcolor and Cargo Coffe lip liner

Jerry Hall: Vaseline



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