Dear Sun Spots: As a former safety engineer, I’m very pleased with this part of Maine’s road signs and lines, which help us to drive more safely.

However, one spot, a turn off Route 26 onto Route 21 at Welchville Junction south of Norway (six miles south of Norway) (Oxford) could use a short white or yellow line to help people make that turn more easily, especially at night. It’s right on Route 26. When you’re on 26 trying to turn, there’s no marker. It just needs a little line that would make all the difference, especially when it’s raining or dark.
To whom should I call, write or visit to request improvement at that intersection before someone is hurt or killed? – Charles Priebe Jr., Mechanic Falls.

Try contacting the Maine Department of Transportation’s Traffic and Engineering Department at (207) 624-3620 who will be able to direct your call to the correct party. Unfortunately the head of the striping department was “upcountry” at the time Sun Spots called but was expected back in the office the week of July 14.

Dear Sun Spots: I am writing to you to see if you could please find out how to keep geraniums over the winter so that they bloom again in the spring. Thank you for your help. – Doris Belanger, Auburn.

According to colleague and gardening columnist Jody Goodwin, geraniums can be kept two ways over the winter. If you have space and southern windows, bring them in before hard frosts begin. Make sure they are free of bugs, spiders and dead growth. Water approximately once a week with half-strength plant food. In March, cut them back. You will have flowers all winter, and they will have new growth and be ready to go outside in May.

If you do not have these requirements, bring them in as above. Place them in the cellar where it’s cool but doesn’t freeze and is dark. Let them sit there and dry out. Cut them back by two-thirds, water very little with no plant fertilizer – just enough to keep the roots lightly damp, perhaps once every two weeks. In March, bring them up and put them in a sunny spot. Begin watering regularly then. When new growth appears, begin watering with fertilizer as above. They should be ready for the porch in May. You can also reach Jody for gardening assistance at [email protected]

Dear Sun Spots: I’d like to find someone who repairs small household appliances. I’ve had a Toastmaster toaster for many years and it no longer pops up. I purchased a new toaster, which I dislike very much. The new styles are designed to do more things but they do not do toast as well. Thanks for your help. – No Name, No Town.

In addition to responses from readers, try contacting McKechnie’s Appliance Service & Refrigeration, Route 43, Temple, (207) 778-9550; Rodney’s Appliances, Holley Road, Farmington, (207) 778-5319; Rotoco Appliance Service, Hathaway Hill Road, Livermore, (207) 897-9903; and Wayne’s Appliance Service, Turner, (207) 225-2966.

Dear Sun Spots: About a week ago, a friend showed me a response in Sun Spots to a woman who was looking for someone who made belly masks for pregnant women. I would like to have my name added to the list of names that were given. I live in Lewiston, am a doula (professional birthing assistant) and have been creating belly masks for about three years. The process takes about an hour from start to finish. It then has to go through a “finishing” process, which includes overnight drying and a coating of gesso to protect any additional “artwork” that the mom may have done to it. You may post my name, number and e-mail for “First Impressions.” Thanks, Dee Forgues, CD (DONA) 753-1971, [email protected] – Dee Forgues, Lewiston.

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