MEXICO – When students and staff arrive at Region 9 Tuesday morning for classes, they’ll find a paved parking lot that is much different than the potholes they’ve been accustomed to.

One of the school’s big projects this summer was grading the dirt lot, then covering it with asphalt, Region 9 Director Deborah Guimont said. Along with the new paving is a half-circle flower bed with a flag pole in the center placed between the two entrance doors. Office manager Melanie Babb has been busy planting fall flowers, and last year’s metal trades class constructed the flag pole that will fly the U.S. and Maine flags.

Also as part of the paving project done by Bruce Manzer of Anson is the installation of two concrete pads in front of the bays used by the metal trades and forestry classes.

Inside, the kitchen has been upgraded for use by diversified occupations students and the computer lab has moved across the hall.

For adult and community education, which operates under the umbrella of the Region 9 School of Applied Technology, two adult education classes for the first time will be offered at Telstar High School in the fall. These are truck driving and certified nursing assistant. Tentative plans are to offer adult students in the River Valley area a chance to use and train on a simulated wood harvester, as well.

A variety of enrichment classes, as well as those for GED and high school diploma will be offered for adults. The brochure comes out next week.

The only new face at the school right now is Davene Houghton of Carthage who offers secretarial support on the front desk. The positions of forestry and truck driving educational technicians are still open, but Guimont said she expects them filled by the middle of September.

New for secondary students is testing done on something called an accuplacer. This computer program tests students in math and reading, then shows where the deficiencies lie so they can receive additional help.

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