Dear Sun Spots: Will you please help me by finding the name, address and telephone number of a speaker who appeared with Oprah within the past year or two? He is a psychologist who specializes in testing and treating children with normal intelligence who have learning problems in school. He has written a book on the subject. Thank you in advance for your help. – Patricia, No Town.

A spokesperson at Harpo Productions says the speaker you are referring to is Dr. Mel Levine, author of “A Mind at a Time,” published by Simon and Schuster. Levine is a professor of pediatrics and director of the Clinical Center for the Study of Development and Learning at the University of North Carolina.

Levine appeared on the Oprah Show “How Children Learn and Why Some Don’t” which aired March 27, 2002. Unfortunately Harpo Productions was unable to provide a contact for him because it is against their policy.

However, based on the information they provided, Sun Spots was able to locate information about him online that should help you. Levine is the founder and co-chairman of All Kinds of Minds, P.O. Box 3580, Chapel Hill, NC 27515, (919) 933-8082. You can try reaching him online at where you will also find lots of wonderful information and resources on this subject. You will note on the Web site that Levine is scheduled to speak in Keene, N.H. on Nov. 13-14. The event is sponsored by the New Hampshire Counselor Association. It is open to the public and takes place from 7 to 9 p.m. For more information contact Paul Foster at (603) 927-1824, extension 234.

Dear Sun Spots: Some time ago I met a gentleman who told me he collects watch parts of all kinds. I don’t recall his name or phone number. If he would like to call me, I have several pieces he might be able to use. I can be reached at (207) 783-0892. – No Name, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: Can you please tell me the retailer in Maine that sells fiberglass steps? These are similar to concrete ones and come in a variety of styles. Thank you. – Jim Handy, Lewiston.

Try contacting All In One RV, which should be able to order one for you. They are on Hotel Road, by Exit 12 of the Maine Turnpike, (800) 235-3613, (207) 786-3673. You can also find them at St. Albans Home Sales on Route 2 outside Newport. They have a 28- inch height style for $180 and one 32-inches high for $225. Railings are extra and are $50 a railing. You can reach them at (207) 368-4361.

Dear Sun Spots: My new job requires traveling, spending many nights in hotel rooms. My question is how often are the blankets on the bed washed and changed? As well as the comforter? I hope between every guest, but I fear not. Do I need to request this bedding at check-in time? – Leery traveler, Rumford.

According to the American Hotel & Marketing Association, the hotels follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturers. According to an article at housekeepers must “visually inspect bedspreads every day and change them if needed.” In addition, the article states while “sheets are changed daily, hotels have varying schedules, from daily to weekly, for washing bedspreads depending on the use of the room and whether the spreads are soiled.” Information provided by the AHMA notes that The Hilton Operating Manual states, “All bedspreads and blankets must be cleaned on a monthly basis as a minimum.” Ladies Home Journal magazine published a very informative article by Anna Roufos in its Nov/Dec. 1999 issue that describes what reporters found during a test of hotel/motel rooms at three types of lodgings. The article can be found online at

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