It’s a problem that happens at almost every home or office sooner or later – holes or dings knocked into drywall or sheetrock. No matter the cause of the hole, repair attempts by the do-it-yourselfer can sometimes make the hole look worse and professional fixes can be expensive. Now a new product called the Hole-in-One Easy Drywall Repair Kit from Mighty Good Notions is making drywall hole repair much easier and more affordable. The Hole-in-One’s patented design enables the do-it-yourselfer to repair dents and holes in household drywall in just minutes. The Hole-in-One easily patches holes up to three inches in diameter — about the size of most doorknobs.

The Hole-in-One drywall repair kit enables the user to repair a hole in sheetrock from the backside of the sheetrock to the outside without having to purchase or use new drywall. The fix reinforces the sheetrock by twice the size of the hole. The user-friendly repair kit contains four unique plastic parts, needs no screws or nails and requires just a minimum amount of drywall compound.

“Most people don’t have much time to do DIY projects like sheetrock repair,” says Hole-in-One inventor Monte G. Nelson. “Because the Hole-in-One kit is simple to use, the consumer doesn’t need a lot of time to make the repair. Our customers tell us that when a repair is finished they can’t even tell there was a hole in the wall.”

A step-by-step narrated photo slide show on the company’s website visually demonstrates the simplicity of the repair process with this product:

The Hole-in-One sells for $5.95 plus S&H and can be ordered online at:

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