Dear Sun Spots: In Montana there is a policy called conservation easement whereby a ranch owner signs a pledge that his property will never be developed, even though it may change hands in the future. I believe the government pays him for doing this.

I’m wondering if Maine has a similar policy?

Thank you for any information you may give and also for help on previous occasions. – No Name, No Town.

Sun Spots spoke with Richard Knox of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust, (207) 729-7366, who says it’s possible for a government agency to purchase an easement. Here in Maine Land for Maine’s Future (with the state Department of Conservation) is one such program.

Knox says many conservation easements in Maine are donated by the landowner or normally a land trust will pay for the development rights that the owner gives up as part of the conservation easement. When someone wants to create an easement, they typically work with a local or state land trust and draw up a legal agreement outlining the terms of their specific easement. The land trust will own the easement.

For more details. you can check out the Heritage Trust’s Web site at Click on “our organization,” then “news” and then “conservation options, a guide for Maine landowners.” Chapter 2 deals with conservation easements.

In addition, according to the Androscoggin Valley Community Network at, a landowner could quality for certain tax benefits depending on how a easement is structured. The owner continues to own the land after the easement is placed upon it. All the easement does is restrict what can be done on the land. The land can be sold or left to heirs but whoever gets the future title must adhere to the provisions of the easement.

Dear Sun Spots: I’m an avid reader of your daily column, hence my contacting you for your assistance, please.

A few months ago, I conducted a transaction with a company, Deer Creek Products. However, I’ve since misplaced their phone number. I have contacted them several times by phone and mail about an order I placed back in April. Any help would be appreciated. – No Name, Lewiston.

Contact Deer Creek Products at (954) 978-0597. Unfortunately, Sun Spots has called them in past for other readers and has been able to get an update on orders. You need to contact them yourself for an update.

Dear Sun Spots: I sent a check to Dream Products for $15.98. The check was cashed on Sept. 2 but as of yet I’ve not received anything or heard from them. I do not have an address or phone number to contact them. Can you please help? – No Name, No Town.

Contact them at 1-(818)-773-4233 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday to Friday, Pacific Standard time. You can also reach them by mail at Dream Products Inc. 412 Dream Lane,Van Nuys, CA 91496.

Dear Sun Spots: Do you know anybody in the Lewiston-Auburn area who sharpens knives and scissors? – A Sun Spots fan.

Answer: Try contacting
Mathieu Saw & Tool Inc., in Lewiston, (207) 783-9087; Moe’s Bicycle Shop in Lewiston, (207) 783-2641; Roy’s Bicycle Shop in Lewiston, (207) 783-9090, Superior Carbide Sharpening Sales & Service in Lewiston at (207) 782-3793 and Jackson Sharpening Services in Topsham at 1-800-721-0251.

Dear Sun Spots: We read your column daily. You help people in so many ways. Now we are in need of your assistance. We need tubes for a mattress. We’ve called many places with no results. – No Name, Lewiston.

Answer: Beddar Rest at 7
34 Center St., in Auburn, (207) 784-9634 carries them. They are open 9:30 to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sundays.

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