It was a dark and cold Friday night. It just happened to be Halloween. There were three girls going trick or treating. Their names were Emma, Aver and Megsy. The three girls were best friends. They were all enjoying their night out trick or treating. They all had gotten so much candy. They were about to head home when all of the sudden.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!’!!” There was a loud scream from inside an old abandoned mansion.

“What in the world was that?” Emma asked the two other very confused girls.

“I don’t know.. .1 am just as confused as you are,” said Aver. “Let’s just go home, it was probably nothing.”

“Yeah… I am sure it was just some poor girl in that large and completely scary mansion,” trembled Megsy. “come on, let’s go see if she’s okay.”

“Oh no. no, no, no, ABSOLUTELY NOT,” yelled out Emma. “I refuse to go in there… I mean just look at it. Also, think about it . . . it’s Friday night, it’s Halloween, and we are about to go into a HAUNTED MANSION!!” complained Emma as they all heard the mansion start to groan. Megsy just ignored the two other girls complaints and headed towards the dark path that led to the mansion. “Come on you guys…. Stop! Oh wait up!!”

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