Gift lifts

I would like to thank the great folks at Victorian Villa in Canton for all of their assistance and their efforts in helping our agency, HAVAR Inc., reach a goal we set some time ago.

For the past 25 years, HAVAR Inc. has been helping people with developmental disabilities in the Marietta and Athens, Ohio, areas. We recently had a couple of folks who were in need of a stand-to-sit type of patient lift.

These lifts are very costly and difficult to find used. We needed two of them. Through the Internet, I was delighted to find Victorian Villa had two of those exact lifts and were willing to donate them to us at no cost.

So on behalf of everyone at HAVAR Inc. (especially the two young ladies who were in need of the lifts), we would like to extend our gratitude to Mark Jacobs and his entire staff (Thanks Chuck!) for this truly exceptional gift.

Brian Kemenah,

program manager


Marietta, Ohio

Caring community

On Sept. 5 at 8:45 p.m., I was walking my friend, Demo (a Jack Russell), on East Avenue with a leash when a young person, Nicolas Doyon, approached us on his roller blades. He accidentally hit the leash, bouncing Demo into the street, and Joey Gamache, who was proceeding up East Avenue toward the Lewiston High School entrance, hit Demo, who landed on the sidewalk.

Mr. Gamache felt the impact and returned to the scene. Mr. Doyon felt so bad that there were tears in his eyes. Mr. Gamache was upset. He explained that it was a freak accident and no one was to blame.

Youngsters, who had just left the Lewiston football game, came upon the scene and called for police assistance and then stood by until their arrival. A young lady who lived across the street brought over a rug and blanket to comfort Demo, who was only five years old.

Police Lt. McGonagle, who was off duty, stopped his car and called the police department. Soon after, Officer Corey Jacques came to the scene, and he transported Demo to a nearby hospital.

Yes, people do care when it’s only a dog, and my family and I will always be grateful for everyone who expressed concern and offered assistance. Indeed, I will always remember the evening of Sept. 5.

Paul Samson, Lewiston

A good year

The Bessey Motors Legion Baseball Team had a very successful season and finished second place in Zone 3 for the summer schedule. They were able to bring it all together to win the post season playoffs and proceed to Augusta as the highest ranked team from Zone 3.

At the state tournament in Augusta, they finished second runner-up to the two heavily favored Portland teams of Andrews Post and Nova Seafood, which won the state championship.

A special thanks to Gene Benner, Bessey Motors, our corporate sponsor for his continued support. Also, thanks to all the area businesses for their annual sponsorship of their signs on the fences at our ball field and their loyal support of our team of 17 fine gentlemen and athletes and our coaching staff. Also, thanks to athletic boosters for use of the snack shack, and to the SAD 17 school system for use and support of the field.

Ray Brown and Florence McLaughlin, co-commissioners, West Paris

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