Dear Sun Spots: I have been a subscriber of the Sun Journal since January 1948. I wouldn’t be without it.

I have a few questions for you:

Many years ago, you could get spumoni ice cream at any ice cream place. In later years, it’s only been available at Christmastime. Now it seems impossible to find. Is there any place to find it now?

It seems I remember a movie, program or series called “Boston Blackie.” Am I right?

Many thanks for all your help to assure our old-time memories. – Annie Parsons, Norway.

Annie, congratulations on your longtime membership. Not only is it exciting to know that somebody such as yourself has been such a faithful reader over the decades, but it’s reassuring to know there are lots of readers still out there even in light of the computer/television age. Way to go!

Regarding your first question:

Sun Spots spoke with Diane at Mr. Softee, 741 Main St., Lewiston, (207) 782-1677, who says they could have this recipe made for you if you’d like. Diane says that if somebody has a certain thing they haven’t seen in years, Mr. Softee will do what they can to make it for you. Please give her a call so that she can help you out.

Sun Spots also spoke with Tom at Colonial Ice Cream in Lewiston who says this used to be very common but he doesn’t know of anyone making it for retail any more. He says Italian restaurants used it for years but no longer do so.

Perhaps there are other ice cream aficionados out there who may have a source they’d be willing to share with you. Or perhaps a favorite recipe. In the meantime, Sun Spots hopes you may enjoy the following recipe that you and your family can enjoy year-round:

Spumoni Ice Cream Ingredients: ½ gal. vanilla ice cream; 1 (10 oz.) package frozen sliced strawberries, thawed; 1 teaspoon vanilla; ½ teaspoon almond extract; 2/3 cup chopped green maraschino cherries; ¾ cup chopped pecans; red food coloring; 1 cup whipping cream; ¼ cup sugar. Method: Soften ice cream slightly. Quickly combine ice cream, strawberries, vanilla and almond extract in a chilled bowl; stir until smooth. Fold in cherries and nuts. Place in freezer while whipping cream. Add food coloring to tint a delicate pink. Whip cream and fold in sugar. Fold into ice cream mixture. Pour into container and freeze.

Regarding your second question:

You are correct. “Boston Blackie” is a series of movies starting in 1918 through the late 1940s in which reformed criminal Boston Blackie embarks on one mystery solving adventure or another. Sun Spots was able to find several including “After Boston Blackie’s Little Pal” (1918), “Blackie’s Redemption” (1919), “Boston Blackie” (1923), “Midnight With Boston Blackie” (1943 and “Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood” (1942) to name a few. The series of B-pictures is based on Jack Boyle’s pulp-fiction character. For more about these movies or to purchase copies check out, or

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