Dear Sun Spots: I am sure that Sun Spots can help settle a disagreement that I am having with a friend. She believes that if a school bus has the lights on and the stop sign out, she does not have to stop if she is going straight. If a crossing guard is in the middle of the intersection with the stop sign up, she also believes it’s okay to go right or left. I believe that whether it is a school bus or a crossing guard that all traffic must stop, for the protection of the children. Could Sun Spots please give the rules concerning school buses and crossing guards? Let’s pray that my friend and I are not the only ones to read your answer. – Concerned Auburn resident.

Sun Spots spoke with Harvey Boatman, education specialist for pupil transportation with the Maine Department of Education who says that the law basically requires that the operator of a vehicle meeting or overtaking a school bus with the red lights on shall stop.

Boatman says you cannot go past the bumper, even if the crossing guard gives the okay. The only person who can motion a driver on is the school bus driver or emergency personnel on the scene of an accident. Should the driver need to make a right or left before approaching the bus with the red lights flashing and stop sign out, the driver can make that turn.

For more information on this statute check out the department’s Web site at

Regarding the crossing guard: Sun Spots checked with the Auburn Police Department and spoke with patrol Officer Norm Bilodeau, who says the crossing guard program is overseen by the School Department. Bilodeau says the Police Department addresses training. Should any issues arise at a particular crossing and with any of the schoolchildren, Bilodeau says he or School Resource Officer Poulin (whom he says a very good rapport with the pupils) would also address it.

Bilodeau, who has been with the Auburn Police Department 24 years, says drivers cannot go through an intersection when encountering a crossing guard with the stop sign up. In the case of a four-way intersection, Bilodeau says the crossing guard should be motioning at all traffic, and all traffic should stop so the children can cross.

Dear Sun Spots: If you ever made an old lady happy, it will be me.

I have tried for weeks to get the name of a movie I saw on Channel 21. It was a Monday at 8 o’clock. It’s about a pope being locked out of the gate of the Vatican. I want so much to have the video. I even prayed to St. Anthony. Thank you so much. – P. Baril, Lewiston.

Sun Spots believes you mean PAX TV. You should contact your local cable carrier to see if they can assist you or perhaps another reader out there has taped it and might be willing to share a copy with you.

Dear Sun Spots: Due to a recent death in the family, I am very interested in finding a particular song. It is from the TV show “ER” and the episode was entitled “The Beach.” Would you possibly be able to help? – Steven Sasseville, Auburn.

Sun Spots is so very sorry for your loss.

Sun Spots was able to find out that the the song, “A Mother’s Death,” based on Martin Davich’s “Loves Labor Lost,” is on the Atlantic label and on the ER original soundtrack. It was released Oct. 1, 1996. You can order a copy of the song at

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