Credit Union Week is the perfect time to discover what nearly one in every two Maine residents know about credit unions – membership makes the difference. That difference includes excellent member service, great rates, and fewer fees. Join a Maine credit union today and start enjoying the differences and benefits of credit union membership. While credit unions are for everyone, the law places limits on the people that each particular credit union may serve. A charter defines a credit union’s “field of membership,” which could be an employer, church, school, or county you live in. Here’s how to find a Maine credit union(s) to join:

1. Ask your boss. Your company may sponsor a credit union or may be a sponsor group that has access to a credit union. Many employers will directly deposit your paycheck to the credit union.

2. Poll your family. Does your spouse’s employer sponsor a credit union? Most credit unions invite family members to join. Each credit union, however, may define “family” differently. At some, only members of your immediate family are eligible. At other credit unions, family may include extended family members, such as grandparents, cousins, uncles, and aunts.

3. Quiz the neighbors. Some credit unions have a “community” field of membership, serving a region defined by geography rather than by employment or some other association. Ask friends in the community if they know of a credit union you may join.

4. Read the yellow pages. You might not know about credit unions in your area unless you look them up. A yellow pages display ad may state a credit union’s field of membership. If not, at least you’ll know what number to call to ask about membership eligibility.

5. Check the online database of credit unions. Use the Maine Credit Union League’s online credit union locator at

6. Call the Maine Credit Union League’s Member Services toll-free at 1-800-442-6715. A League Representative would be happy to help you find a Credit Union that you may be eligible to join in your area.

Maine’s credit unionswhere membership makes the difference!

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