AUGUSTA (AP) – Three Maine newspapers on Tuesday joined others that are urging their readers to vote against the Indian casino proposal on the Nov. 4 referendum ballot.

The Bangor Daily News and Blethen Maine Newspapers’ Kennebec Journal in Augusta and Morning Sentinel in Waterville joined Sunday newspapers in Portland and Lewiston in opposing the casino project in southern Maine. The Times Record of Brunswick and several weeklies have taken similar stands.

Tuesday’s Bangor Daily News called the casino proposal “inadequate” because it doesn’t give Maine enough of a share of the profits and provides too little regulatory oversight.

It also notes that the legislation advanced in the referendum could not be changed for two decades without the consent of the tribes.

“If all goes well with the casino, this combination of disadvantages for Maine might not be an issue, but who can predict what will happen over the next 20 years to a risky business yet to be established here?” the editorial asks.

The matching editorials in the two Central Maine Newspapers say the casino proposal sounds good as promoted in a well-financed campaign, but would do more harm than good.

Its developers and promoters “know that if it is built, people will lose money there to quickly pay for the building, to pay the staff, to pay the state – and to leave them immense profits,” the editorials say.

“They look at Maine as an untapped well, primed to gush an unending stream of cash to their bank accounts. This campaign is about Las Vegas, not Maine’s Indian tribes,” the Central Maine Newspapers say.

The Bangor Daily also urged voters Tuesday to approve a $6.9 million bond issue for state clean water projects. It is one of three bond issues on the ballot seeking a total of $89.3 million.

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