By Julie Begin

Poland Regional High School

What’s the story behind Pozer? I know when I heard this name I wondered how they came up with it? “All punk rockers hate posers, so being a pozer is very punk rock,” says Ben with a smile. The band consists of; Nate Spencer, Toby McAllister, and Ben Briggs.

The band’s been working on a new album and just finished. ” We feel like we put tons of effort on trying to make this new album amazing, seven months of hard work,” says Toby. The new album is called, ” You had me at goodbye.” The album has emotional songs one entitled, “The Day I Cried Blood.”

The band has been together for three years now, and each year they get better and better. When asking them if they feel Poland supports their band all three boys responded with a no. ” People around here like rap and it’s just not worth trying and trying to convince them that there’s other great music out there,” says Toby. Their music reaches so many different types of genes from punk rock, to emo hardcore, to some metal. I asked the band if, despite the lack of support, would you play at a school event? “Yes we would love to play, even if people boo us, we’ll play,” Ben and Nate replied.

I should admit when I was a sophomore I would shoot down the band. I heard one of their songs, and without even really paying attention to the song my response was negative. Getting to know the boys and becoming friends allowed me to see them play live. I was impressed, and pretty amazed at how much they have improved as a band. They are very talented, and should get more support than they do.

I thought it would be interesting if we got to know the band on a more personal level, so I asked some questions on life, and things other than music.

What makes you angry?

Toby hates peanuts and pot heads. The only thing that makes Ben angry is the “Maine punks,” a website. For Nate, it’s those shirts at Hot Topic that say, “I’m twisted” and other lame sayings like that.

What’s your favorite place to shop?

All three boys replied with Goodwill, Salvation Army, Hot Topic, and Gap, because gap often has awesome jeans.

What’s your philosophy on life?

Nate wants to get his heart broken as many time as he can before he reaches the age of 18. Toby wants “to not stink at life.” Ben wants “to succeed in all aspects of life.”

Where do you see yourself in a year?

“Well right now, we are getting signed with an independent record label, Autonomous Music. In a year, who knows where we will be, I just hope we have more fans, and more shows,” says band member Toby.

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