On Monday, October 20, nine students and two faculty advisors squeezed themselves into two cars and sped off to Augusta. They were headed to the annual fall Civil Rights Team training session in the Augusta Civic Center. This was a one day training session for both middle school and high school students, sponsored by the State of Maine Attorney General’s Office. The group conducts several trainings around the state.

Students learned about “the law,” and how to create a school climate comfortable for new attending students. “The law” has two parts; conduct and bias motivation. Conduct would be violence, threat of violence, property damage, or the threat of property damage. There is always a reason for violence or property damage, and this is where bias motivation comes in. Things like your cultural background, your race or skin color are just a few examples of bias motivation.

Our school’s Civil Rights Team’s goal is to inform and educate our peers about the Civil Rights law, and to promote tolerance for each other. We have already created and completed two bulletin boards. They are located in both the large and small cafeterias. One of the bulletin boards clearly says ” Many Hands Helping Make A Better School.”We meet every Thursday after school, for one hour. We begin our meetings with “Pay it Forward.” We talk about what we’ve done for someone without being asked.

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