Synopsis: This “Christmas Carol” is an adaptation of the story of Ebenezer Scrooge’s journey from an embittered, ungenerous creature into a giving, caring, human-being at the hands of three spirits who, one Christmas eve, show him what life means. Famous the world over, this heart-warming story of Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim and the-others needs no detailing here. It’s a theatre piece of unique eloquence, which will delight audiences of all ages.

The Christmas Carol is directed by Richard Martin and produced by Alison Traynor. The cast list is as follows: Nathan White (Scrooge), Braden Larock (Bob Cratchit), Elizabeth Snyder (Mrs. Cratchit), Brandon Dubois (Marley, Businessman 2), James Daigle (Nephew/Suitor), Davis Cassidy (Gentleman 1, Suitor, Businessman 1), Jeremy Gervais (Gentleman 2, Suitor, Topper), James Theberge (Young scrooge/Older Scrooge), Alexis Handy (Niece, Laundress), Marian MacDonald (Fan, Undertaker’s Woman), Peter MacArthur (Fezziwig, Old Joe), Tiffany Brown (Mrs. Fezziwig), Alison Traynor (Caroline, sister).

Also Rachel Spilecki (Belle, Older Belle), Elizabeth Messer (Christmas Past), Danny Brooke (Christmas Present, Businessman 3), Cassie Jensen (Christmas yet to come), Leah Stevens (Daughter #1, Villager), Jessica Brooks (Daughter #2, Martha, Villager), Amanda Wentworth (Daughter #3, Charwoman), Brian Bilodeau (Boy), Alisha Spear and Vicky Colby (Guest at Fezziwigs, Villagers), Amanda Chapman (Belinda), Sarah Carbonneau (Gillian), Lindsay Carbonneau (Miranda), Tyler Houle (Tiny Tim), Noah Sleeper (Boy Scrooge), Ryan Dubois (Orson/Peter) Joshua Brooks (Valentine/Ignorance) and Haleigh Traynor (Want).

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