On Nov. 2, I had the privilege of riding in my first ever horse “schooling” show. A schooling show is a simpler type of horse show. It’s basically like riding at someone else’s barn. One doesn’t have to dress up and it costs a lot less.

In this case, the show was at Sioneledge Farm in Falmouth. I went with my riding instructor Charlene Leavin and students from Rowenda Farm in Gray.

When we got there, the barn was bustling with activity. I was in the first class, riding a horse named Jamie. Right before I went in the ring, Jamie spooked. She wouldn’t go down to a walk. She was grunting and snorting and scaring the audience. By this time I was terrified. The other horse we brought, Emerald, won first place for the class. I on the other hand, won fifth place, which is a pink ribbon.

I was amazed that I actually received a ribbon. It was shocking to me! For my first horse show, everyone told me I did well. I think Jamie was a little too prepared. Whenever the judge walked by, Jamie backed up.

All in all, I thought it was an excellent opportunity for someone of my age to try. I am invited to another schooling show in December somewhere in Massachusetts. I am definitely going to accept

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