MONMOUTH – Monmouth Academy announces its honor roll for the first quarter.

Grade 12

High honors:
Anne Chuprevich, Shawn Cyr, Courtney McLaughlin, Kimberly McNelly and Cory Shepherd.

Honors: Ryan Boisvert, Amanda Caron, Jessie Coates, Amanda Cripps, Wesley Danforth, Mathew Elliot, Krysten Gabri, John Gauthier, Erin Hayford, Stuart Isaacson, Chelsea Janelle, Matthew Kelley, Joshua Martin-McNaughton, Kayla Pease, Daleen Scott, Trisha Stevens, Mark Wade, Robert Wells.

Grade 11

High honors:
Andrew Bellmore, Andrew Bourret, Bianca Cloutier, Michael Davidson, Shane Kibler, Ashley McDonald, Zachary Sager and Ashley Taylor.

Honors: Jerod Bechard, Heidi Bonderud Ryan Buckley, Myles Butler, Ashley Cote, Shane Donahue, Matthew Gatcomb, Emily Grover, Timothy Jackson, Allyx Kelley, Tristan Kyle, Kyle Pelletier, Lindsey Shepherd, Angela Sirois, Tiffany Wells and Anna Yepishkina.

Grade 10

High honors:
Laura Manduca, Kurtis McCannell and Scott Ogden.

Honors: Eden Bergeron, Crystal Cobb, Timothy Crawford, Christopher Eldridge, Laura Elliot, Joel Emery, Megan Ferland, Alex Gauthier, Ryan Glendenning, Chelsea Grant, Sean Holbrook, Sarah Irwin, Amanda Kinsey, Emily Masi, Zachary Mayo, Trista Morin, Meredith Mulcahy, Richard Pelletier, Brett Plossay, Cameron Saucier, Benjamin Seefeldt, Patrick Trenholm, Dustin Watson and Ronald Wight.

Grade 9

High honors:
Samantha Fairchild, Rebecca Irwin, Stephany Perkins and Scott Turcotte.

Honors: Nathan Armstrong, Samantha Bachelder, Cortney Barrett, Alex Bourret, Megan Buckley, Amy Crouch, Adam Folson, Bryon Hasch, Paul Mason, Timothy Meehl, Matthew Ozdarski, Michael Ozdarski, Stephanie Palleschi, Samantha Reber, Benjamin Robichau, Brittany Scirica, Lindsay Scirica, Brittany Skillings, Tyler Somerville and Danielle West.

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