Not alone

We must never lose our Maine veterans’ services – a great organization. The staff there has been very helpful to my family.

Every veteran can reach out to them and, in return, if you qualify, they will direct you to medical staff, help with prescriptions and, if warranted, a disability pension.

Even after the death of a veteran, they are there to answer any benefits question and guide you as a Maine veteran. You are not alone.

Eleanor Delisle, Lewiston

Helping hands

On Jan. 3, around midday, I was leaving Lewiston headed home. Just before the Greene line, I took a scary ride off the side of Route 202 and down an embankment. Once the car and the snow had settled, I gratefully realized that my guardian angel was riding with me.

As I climbed out, I became aware of how very alone I was. Little did I know that more angels were on the way. As I walked around my car and looked up toward the road, faces began to appear along the top of the embankment. “Perfect” strangers were stopping to be sure that I was all right, to offer assistance, to reach out a helping hand as I scrambled up the bank.

I owe a special “thank you” to Melody and her dog, Bandit, who insisted on waiting with me until Officer Baril of Lewiston arrived. The kind officer climbed down the embankment to retrieve my belongings. His calm, everyday conversation helped to ease the emotional impact that had begun to set in. Officer Baril stayed with me until both my vehicle and I had transportation.

Throughout, people continued to stop to offer assistance, including a crew from Winthrop Rescue. Before leaving, the tow truck driver made sure I had a ride.

The fact that I survived the accident strengthened my belief in a higher power. What happened after the accident strengthened my belief in the natural goodness of people. Thank you all.

Mary Darling, Fayette

A big thanks

To all the people who gave up their time, when it is probably the least convenient time of the year to do so, for the Auburn Community Blue Christmas, thanks.

Each year, we are all amazed at the outpouring of support from our community for Auburn Community Blue Christmas, held this year on Dec. 14.

This year’s event hosted approximately 250 children and their families for games, lunch, wagon rides, donated clothing, and, of course, a visit from Santa. We refer to it as organized chaos.

To many local individuals and groups, we send our sincere appreciation since we really could not do the event without the hard work of volunteers and community support.

Tom Poulin, president, and Don Lawlor, vice president, Auburn Community Blue Christmas Committee

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