The staff is treating the animal population, and cleaning and painting the shelter to protect humans.

FARMINGTON – The Franklin County Animal Shelter has been quarantined so the staff can deal with an outbreak of ringworm, which is contagious to humans. The public has been asked not to visit the shelter until the situation has been cleared up.

The staff said ringworm, a round patch with an advancing red ring at the margin, has been transmitted by contact of some cats. Although only a few cats have it and have been isolated from the general population at the shelter, the staff has decided to close the shelter to protect the public.

Animals are being treated with Lyme dips, antifungal creams, oral antifungal drugs and even an injection of an immune boosting agent.

The building is also being cleaned and repainted to get rid of all the spores that could be present.

No animals will be featured this week so that the staff can take care of the animals that are currently housed at the shelter.

The shelter is accepting donations, especially with the added expenses of paint, cleaning supplies and medical treatment. Send them to 550 Industry Road or leave them by the door.

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