NEW GLOUCESTER – Eastgate Christian Academy announces the second quarter honor roll.


High honors: John Anderson

Honors: Brittany Legare, Amy Turgeon, Haley Veilleux.


High honors: Angie Elvin, Elizabeth Tillson, Sarah VanderLinden.

Honors: Aaron Anderson, Allison Cox, Emilee Michaud, Nicholas Starbird.


Honors: Timothy Barclay II, Justin Begin, Tiffany Foster.


Honors: Jeffrey Bernard, Stephen Kelley, Gary Latuscha, Daniel Ouellette, Ashley Starbird.

Grade eight

Honors: Ezra Damm

Grade seven

High honors: Katherine Slye.

Honors: Elizabeth Barclay and Daniel Clark.

Grade six

High honors: Seth Tillson and Edward Zembas.

Honors: Ruth Guay.

Grade five

Honors: Eliza Foster, Abigail Hersom, Kurt Johnson, Justin O’Brien.

Grade four

High honors: Samantha Davol, Jessica Majors, Katlyn Nelson, Matthew Zembas.

Honors: Travis Hicks and Jacob Weeks.

Martel School

LEWISTON – Martel School announces the second quarter honor roll.

Principal’s list: Jake Berube, Jordan Hunt, Zoe Laatsch, Abigail Madden, Shelby Roux, Mercedes Roy, Jar Wei (Amy) Yeung.

High honors: Cameron Boucher, Maxwell Bristol, Andrew Carver, Megan Charest, Jacob Cyr, Taylor Dube, Christie Fecteau, Cameron Fillion, Philip Foss, Robert Hughes, Allyson Lepage, Justice Levesque, Jeremy Libby, Christopher Madden, Joshua Morin, Nathan Morin, Michael Paradis, Chelsey Provencher, Jacob Reed, Lauren Stockwell, Christopher Szustak.

Honorable mention: Amanda Bennett, Tyler Bernier, Russell Courbron, Courtney Dubois, Cody Dulac, Kyle Fenderson, Steven Harvey, Ciara Nichols, Cameron Provencher, Brittany Small, Sara Stanley, Brendon Venable.

Effort honors: Andrew Balsamo, Jordan Balsamo, Christine Belanger, Christopher Belanger, Amanda Bennett, Jake Berube, Cameron Boucher, Nicholas Boucher, Taylor Boucher, Cameron Brousseau, Elijah Cady, Colleen Coffey, Tyrell Corson, Emily Craig, Kyla Curtis, Jacob Cyr.

Also, Nathan Daney, Edward Denis, Dillon Donahue, Taylor Dube, Courtney Dubois, Cody Dulac, Ronald Eastman, Christie Fecteau, Matthew Foss, Phillip Foss, Daniel Fournier, Gabrielle Garcia, Steven Harvey, Jordan Hunt, Jade Kelly, Zoe Laatsch, Justice Levesque.

Also, Kevin Liu, Caitlin Macomber, Abigail Madden, Christopher Madden, Courtney Marquis, Ciara Nichols, Ryan Pare, Brianna Payne, Emily Payne, Chelsey Provencher, Alyssa Robinson, Mercedes Roy, Shelby Roux, Jamie St. Pierre, Allissa Smith, Lauren Stockwell, Christopher Szustak, Brendon Venable, Conner Whelan, Jar Wei (Amy) Yeung.

Merrill Hill School

AUBURN – Ashley Camire attained highest honors at the Merrill Hill School for the second quarter.

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