Dear Sun Spots: I’m a fan of the late, great, legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix played at the Lewiston Armory in March of 1968. Not much is known about this show so I would greatly appreciate it if anyone that attended the show would contact me. I can be reached at (207) 946-5144 or by e-mail at [email protected] – Jeff Beam, Greene.

In addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots did not come up with much other than a Web search, which makes mention of “The Experience” tour at Lewiston Armory on March 16, 1968.

You may in interested in noting other celebrities who appeared at The Lewiston Armory. Among them: Bob Hope, Tommy Dorsey and Queen.

Dear Sun Spots: I am wondering if you can help me get a refund. Last summer Scott Audet of Wilton Auto Repair on Route 2 did extensive work on my 1960 Ford farm truck. He and his wife run the business. By the time he did all the work I requested, I had paid almost $1,000 for the labor and parts. I thought this was a fair price. After the initial round of work. Audet pointed out that it would only need decent tires and some additional electrical work to register the truck as a farm truck. I agreed and Audet did the electrical work and put an inspection sticker on it. Meanwhile, I registered it as a farm truck. At the time he didn’t have the tires to put on the truck. That was August and Audet has never gotten me any tires. – No Name, Wilton.

Sun Spots spoke with Scott Audet who says he called you several times after finally locating a source for these tires several months ago. Audet says the truck is old, antique and the 17½ original tires that are on this truck are no longer being made. After much research via the Internet and more, Audet says he has found a source that can convert your original tire size to metric. He says he left several messages advising you of this but has received no return call from you and believed you would contact him when you were ready to have the tires put on. Audet says it should take him about two days to have them delivered. Sun Spots would urge you to contact him to either have these tires ordered and installed or Audet also states he is willing to refund you your money. You can reach him at (207) 645-4100.

Dear Sun Spots: We have a lot of land and would like to use some of it to start a nursery. Who does one contact to purchase small starter trees? – A Lisbon Reader.

You might want to contact Maine Landscape & Nursery Association, S.M.T.C. Fort Road, South Portland, ME 04106, (207) 767-9646 to discuss your needs; New England Nursery Association, 8 Pleasant St., South Natick, MA 01760, (508) 653-3112; and National Gardening Association, 180 Flynn Ave., Burlington, VT 05401, (802) 863-1308.

In addition, you could go online and find wholesalers of nursery stock. Almost all of the big nurseries also have a wholesale side to their business. Alternatively, you could also check with local nurseries to see if they could assist you. You may also be interested in such national organizations as The American Rose Society (, 1-800-637-6534, ext. 3019, The American Rose Society , P. O. Box 30000, Shreveport, LA 71130-0030) and again, the National Gardening Association.

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