Dear Sun Spots: Several months ago, WCSH, Channel 6 profiled a dog boarding business in the Gray area. It was a homey place where dogs had their own rooms and were treated like a part of the family. I believe the word cabin was in the name. At the time I was not in need of a boarder but now find myself in desperate need of one.

Thank you for your help. P.S. If I’m short on time and can’t read the whole paper at my leisure I always make time for S.S. – No Name, Bryant Pond.

Sun Spots checked with James Pedersen, assignment editor for WCSH 6 who says nothing has shown up in their archives. Pedersen believes you may be referring to a Maine Public Broadcast Systems’ “Made in Maine” program.

Sun Spots contacted PBS and they have provided the following information which is hopefully the business you are seeking:

Bee’s Pet Boarding, 103 Tripp Lake Road, Poland, ME 04274, (207) 998-2521.

Bee’s opened in December of 2002, and is not a traditional kennel. It’s a two-story building, set up as a hotel for dogs (under 60 pounds or so), cats, and any other small animal you may have. Grooming is also available as is a safe, loving environment with lots of play time for all the pets that stay at Bee’s. Contact owner Anne Sielaff at the above phone number.

Dear Sun Spots: I have two questions that I was wondering if you could help me with. First: I used to buy Lee Rider jeans in women’s sizes at Ames. Now I can no longer find them in women’s sizes. Does anyone know where I can find them? Second: I have heard that there is a group of Christian singles that meets at the East Auburn Baptist Church. Does anyone know if there is a group like that any closer to the Rumford-Mexico area? And also, does anyone know what time the group in East Auburn meets? Thank you. – No Name, Mexico.

In addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots has been unable to find any singles groups in your area and perhaps other readers out there may be willing to help you out. The singles group at East Auburn Baptist church meets Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. Contact Jackie Jones at (207) 784-0729 for more information.

Dear Sun Spots: In answer to No Name No Town regarding recipes (column request Feb. 23): I offer this suggestion based on what I do to manage my clippings and shared recipe cards.

I use photo albums. My favorite is just the refills for a single row of photos that flips up and includes 25 sleeves for 50 photos (or recipes). Without the cover, it doesn’t take much space. I have one divided in three sections for fish, poultry and other meats. The second is for eggs and vegetables (or vegetarian). The third is for desserts.

I have a small photo album divided in half for soups and breads. You can add categories, such as beverages and salads. I like this better than a recipe box. I have given a small photo album with some of my favorite recipes to many family members as a holiday gift. My daughter and daughter-in-law still use them and add their recipes. And you can use this system to organize those nice recipes from Sun Spots. I hope this helps No Name No Town to organize recipes for the cookbook.

I use the computer to list the recipes in cookbooks. I divide the list by similar titles. I type the name of the recipe, the cookbook and the page number. I don’t need to type the recipes; I just need to know where to find them. I have a few recipes in my computer that I copied from various Web sites and I organize them the same way.

These are great lists to look through for menu ideas. And it is a great way to manage those little clippings and recipe cards. – C. Thorpe, Auburn.

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