LISBON – Principal Virginia Rebar announces the Phillip W. Sugg Middle School honor roll for the second quarter.

Grade six

High honors:
Cameron Blouin, Sean Campbell, Philip Carville, Jennifer Chick, Jessica Clark, Maegan Dupre, Scott Eck, Caitlin Gamache, Monica Lakin, Dana Marquis, Emily Martin, Asiah McClain, Meghan Messer, Nason Michael, Catherine Prendergast and Kenneth Stack.

Honors: Katelyn Adamson, Ethan Audie-Hall, Christopher Bauer, Patrick Brown, Jacob Boucher, Shelby Brannon, Ethan Brewer, Marcus Bubar, George Clement, Krista Cordner, Jered Cote, Gage Dussault, Kyle Finkle, Brittny Freeman, Brandy Giguere, Alexander Hall, Ryan Havlicek, Leanna Laffely, Brittney LaHood, Aimee Lamoureux, Darian Lavoie, Malcolm LeGloahec, Kaleb May, Renee Moore, Kaylee Morin, Andrew Parish, Chantal Perez, Kelsey Piche, Hannah Rheaume, Jessica Rollins, Briana Sonia, Kayla Tanguay, Taylor Thiboutot, Lawrence Thomas, Allison Tietjen, Andrew Tupper, Krystal Vye, Jacob White and Austin Williams.

Grade seven

High honors:
Sierra Guay, Morgan Hatherley, Maria Christina Johnson, Kerstin Kenney-Fairbanks, Erik Metzger, Jennifer Morin, Kaila Morse, Stevanie Roy, Katherine Thomas.

Honors: Alex Berube, Kassandra Bickford, Kelly Bourgoin, Leah Brooks, Cameron Bubar, Tyler Campbell, James Costantino, Brian Riley Craig, Amanda Fuller, Emily Fuller, Tyler Gawrys, Chamille Gould, Jessica heckethorn, Charissa Henry, Devon Hinckley, Patrick Johnston, Amanda lamb, Megan Latour, Heather Leonas, Cody Maley, Michael McManus, Douglass McMaster, Ashley Mercer, Sean Messer, Alexander Pulk, Caitlin Ramsay, Alyson Robitaille, Krista Ross, Jeremy Roy, Megan Samson, Stephanie Smith, Rebekah Sullivan, Derek Thibault and Gerry Vachon.

Grade eight

High honors:
Courtney Hathaway, Jacob Lamoureux, Rachel LeGloahec, Maeghan Pelletier and Samantha Williams.

Honors: Matthew Campbell, Zachary Campbell, Cassandra Carlow, Amber Carroll, Nicholas Carville, Joshua Chase, Stephanie Chick, Justin Crosman, Ashley Evans, Joshua Hewett, Amy Lemay, Barbara Martin, Katrina McKay, Steven Michaud, Emily Moore, Kyle Neagle, Andrew Ouellette, Renee Paradis, Kristal Robishaw, Megan Thiele, Dillon Ward and Sarah Wellington.

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